Like the steel Z that supports the bridge over the deep blue ‘zee’ (‘sea’ in Dutch), this aptly named company can carry a great load with grit and energy.

Blue Zees Real Estate LLC is a diverse real estate investment company. Open to a wide variety of projects, both large and small, Blue Zees is interested in improving the world through investing in real space.  Our investment history includes the development of both ground up and renovation of residential and commercial spaces, either for condominium resale or for long term rental income.  While these projects are mostly located in and around NYC,  Blue Zees also has passive investments in apartment complexes in PA, and shopping centers across the East Coast, as well as international real estate holdings.  Blue Zees has facilitated creative lending solutions for partners in need of capital, and has active ownership roles in two movie theaters.

Beyond real estate, the principals of Blue Zees are engaged in several other ventures ranging from the creation of Manhattan’s first winery and support for the city’s most popular Ice Hockey/Figure Skating venue to promoting local NFP causes and youth cycling teams.  At Blue Zees, you don’t just get pencil pushers—these are dynamic, resourceful, generous participants in the process of building a better future.