Over the last two decades, Jay has been buying, selling, building, renovating, brokering and developing premier properties in the real estate markets of metropolitan New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Florida. He has done so on his own behalf, in the service of various partnerships and not-for-profit organizations, as well as for the benefit of individual owners. In 2008, Jay’s 20 year old development and building group, JS & B Associates, Inc., merged with a Dutch holding company to become Blue Zees Real Estate, LLC.

Jay's experience covers a broad range from residential to institutional and commercial real estate projects. He is a keen negotiator and a master of the myriad decisions that must be made on a daily basis in order to see a project through from start to finish.

Moreover, he understands the big picture, how the financial climate and particular culture of a place can affect a deal. Equally fluent with community boards, municipal governors, union leaders and trade crews, Jay adheres to the principle that buildings rise and are sustained on the backs of relationships--sturdy relationships. He enjoys a reputation for prompt and thorough communication with clients and professionals, careful attention to cost and quality control, and a readiness to take up any and every challenge that might arise.

In his ‘free’ time, Jay shares his expertise as a volunteer with empowerment efforts such as the Non-Profits Facilities Fund. He is also an avid ice hockey player who serves on the board of the Chelsea Piers Youth Hockey Scholarship Fund.

Jay is a Licensed New York State Real Estate Broker and holds a B.A. in Art and Engineering from Brown University.


Born and raised in the Netherlands, Steve has helped build and manage an extensive real estate portfolio of commercial and residential rental properties in the Netherlands and Netherlands Antilles.  In 2003, Steve acquired and developed 138 Reade Street, his first substantial real estate venture in New York.  The project comprises 24,000 square feet of luxury residential ground-up construction and was completed in 2007.

Drawn to the permanence of buildings and intrigued with the process of puzzling out the best design of space, Steve prides himself in developing projects where form follows function and quality is king.  His approach to the business side is similarly exacting, having an impressive ability to wrestle with the multitude of variables required for the successful completion of any real estate project.

In addition, Steve makes time to serve on the board of the Church Street School for Music and Art, a venerated center of arts education in the downtown community.  He is also a board member and founding investor at City Winery, a new performance venue and wine-making enterprise in lower Manhattan, as well as Treasurer of the Downtown Soccer League.

Steve holds Bachelor's degrees in Economics and Finance from New York University and an MBA from Columbia University.