Aaron Campbell

Project Management and Design

With a decade of experience in NYC construction and design, Aaron has the knowledge to help design and build many types of projects from complicated low and mid-rise buildings to custom furniture. Playing a support role in the office and leading role in the field, he works closely with designers, tradespeople, and suppliers to promote the specific goals of the development team. Also an accomplished cellist, Aaron possesses a highly developed reflex for teamwork paired with a capacity for making inspired creative contributions.

Aaron holds a Masters of Architecture from Columbia University and a B.A from Oberlin College.

Damon Craig

Project Manager

With six years of experience in residential property development and management, Damon utilizes a broad range of administrative skills to help support the many facets and responsibilities of running complicated projects.

From an early age, Damon learned carpentry, various mechanical skills, and a commitment to academics. During his undergraduate years in Boston, he worked as an assistant to a local landlord and developer, helping to manage and rehabilitate over 500 residential units. With his ‘hands on’ perspective, Damon went on to earn a graduate degree in Economics and then purchase and develop a two-family property in Jersey City, N.J. After working as a general facilities manager for a New York City public charter school, he joined Blue Zees in early 2008.

Damon holds an M.S. in International Economics from Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic and a B.A. from Boston University.